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My First Bass Guitar

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I’ve been playing the bass for about 25 years now, and I love the instrument as much today as I when I first heard it.  I remember it fondly, and I have to say that I’m always flooded by that memory whenever I pick up my axe.

I’ve been involved in music since I was a kid.  Music was something that was a constant presence in my home as a child.  Either the radio or a record of Latin, Jazz , and some Rock could be heard from our home.  In retrospect, it really was a kind of magical time in my life.

My younger brother and I started playing the “drums.”  In other words, we’d bang, stomp and beat anything we could find in the house.  It could be pots, pans, the floor, the walls; literally anything that had a nice sound to it.  Eventually, we graduated to drums, bongos, and a djembe.  I always tended to play in the lower registers.  I liked the thump and bass of congas or the deep growl of the Cajon, a type of drum derived from a box or crate.  However, my brother excelled where I would simply play along, and I wanted to be a bit more involved.

I had always loved the sound of the bass guitar, but the connection between my heart and my hands didn’t happen until my cousin took me to a Motown Revue concert when I was 14.  This wasn’t a bona-fide Motown Revue, those ended in the 50’s and 60’s.  This was more a tribute band with a few of the old stars.  But the stage band was absolutely excellent.  The horns, the drums, the keyboards created an atmosphere that felt like you where inside the record player.  But what stood out was this one cat, the bass player.

I can’t remember his name, but I remember his playing and his axe, a vintage Fender bass, as he thumped out bass line after beautiful bass line from legendary players like James Jamerson and Carol Kaye.  I also remembered his playing style, holding the bass close to his body, syncing into the beat and the melody as he explored the low end.  I was hypnotized by what the bass was, and what it could mean, to me, and to the music I wanted to make.

The next day, the only thing in my mind was getting my hands on a Fender Precision bass and an amp.  What’s funny is that my desire to play bass taught me the value of hard work.  I got my very first part time job in a garage, working as many hours as I could, and I saved every penny until I could afford to pay for the bass of my dreams.  By the end of summer, I had enough to see the local instrument shop’s offerings.  Of course, I couldn’t afford something as beautiful as I saw the Revue musician playing, but that didn’t deter me.  You see, the desire for the bass also taught me how to negotiate.  I got my first bass, a respectable P-Bass, and a decent amp for all of the 800 dollars I had saved all summer.  Believe me, that shop owner was more than happy to have me OUT of his store.

I ran home with my new axe.  My feelings where quite mixed, but in a very pleasant way.  I was excited and nervous, but also a deep sense of satisfaction.  Opening up the case and plugging in my amp, I remember hearing the first buzz of the speakers, the crackle of the plug going into its socket, and the first droning harmonics of the bass strings as the magnetic pull of the pickups first stirred them to life.  There I was, with a bass in my hands, with only a few guitar lessons in my pocket, and I hit that first note.  It should probably be the first note all new young bass players should play; an open E.  The first bass string in the low range, with no fretting,

This is the memory that floods my mind and my heart every time I pick up my bass, and I hit that open E every single time, remembering what it was to first play music on your own.   How can you ever forget that?


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November 19, 2009 at 2:13 pm

Finally figured out what I want to do here

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So this blog has been staring me in the face for well over a year, laughing at me, chiding me to do something.  My main blog at has been more of my professional, uhm, thing.  I guess you’d say this would be my unprofessional thing.   Someplace I hope to stretch out those wierdo little thoughts I get on some of the most outrages things which cross my path.

For instance, politics.  I didn’t once mention politics on my regular “professional” blog.  Why?  Well, to be honest, I never felt that it was much of a platform for it.  I mean, though I have professed on my “professional” blog that I don’t want to be an seo blogger, I kinda-sorta am.  In my mind, I’m a general internet and business blogger who often make fun on online scams, but I never felt my website brand was really for all the other stuff.    And in all honesty, I, as I’m sure a plethora of you where, was glued to the internet almost obsessively during the last few months of the presidential campaign.  Thank God that’s done with, but there where so many idiots I would have loved to point out that now I feel I could have actually been part of this political debate in a public forum.  I mean PUMA’s, really?  What a fake and utterly stupid concept.  I’m sure I’m not the only one who thought that it was merely a right wing Republican ruse. It didn’t work anyway.  (wow, check out my prose)

So there is also religion.   Being raised a Catholic was definitely an experience.   As most lapsed Catholics will tell you, going to Parochial School can be freakin’ weird for a kid.  But I never really changed my religious beliefs, just my beliefs about the organization and dogma of the Catholic Church.  I studied and was fascinated by religions in college and continued it after.  Now religious debates are not my thing per say, but I definitely have some pretty strong feelings on the subject, and have strong intentions to keep up the religous study in my life.

There’s literature, of which I’m a complete fan.  I read a lot, and have at my disposal a personal library that I’ve been building up since I was 12 years old.  I’ve always dreamed of having a library or study in my house, and I’m building that up as I go.  My favorite author?  Steven King!

Then there is movies, and music (I was a bass player in a band that got signed by Maverick on a Tuesday, then dropped on Friday) and my latest favorite, since I got an XBOX last Christmas, are video games and gaming.   I don’t care what anybody says, Dead Rising was wicked!

So there you have it, an utterly useless blog post on what I will be blogposting about.   Hey, at least this blog has gotten going.

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December 5, 2008 at 2:05 am

What’s with all this “Other Stuff?”

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It’s one thing to start blogging. It’s another thing to be so damn prolific at it. This is my second word press blog and one I hope will concern itself with all the “other stuff” that is not web related.

Yes, I’m that RUMBLEPUP. The one an only. And if there are any pretenders to the crown, I will tell you right now, they don’t carry on with my name very well. Oh there are a bunch of gay rumblepup’s out there, seems like my nom de plum is a favorite amongst the rainbow set. But this is just another misinterpretation of what it means to be rumblepup.

“So,” you might be asking yourself, “why do you go around the internet just opening up blogs?”

Then again, you might not. I have delusions of grandeur anyway.

Here’s the straight dope answer (You see how fly wicked I am?)

I’ve been blogging for a while on blogger, the cool Google Blog Thinger, but when I started, I never really could get behind it. Now there are six blogs, started by me, that sit there, staring me in the face, an making fun of me. You haven’t lived until your own blog sits there and calls you “a pathetic girl boy.” It’s quite disturbing, let me tell you.

In any case, when I finally got the opportunity I’ve always wanted, to own and go for blogging about search, the internet, seo, sem, why I hate Google, and so on a so forth, I went for it.

Noticed my small problem? I forgot about all the other blogs. Will I just abandon them and leave them to rot all alone and scared, or will I delete those accounts and have the dreaded internets spammerz have their way with the urls.

Nope, I’m gonna transfer all of that neato content over here, link to the new home of the neato content, getting some link love, and, of course, have a place to store all my “other stuff.” I’m keeping the domains as well, because there are spammers out there that love to grab up old blogger domains and use them for bad stuff, which of course I just won’t allow.

So here you go folks, the new home of rumblepup’s other stuff. I’ll be moving all that “stuff” over slowly.

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July 8, 2007 at 3:51 am

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