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What’s with all this “Other Stuff?”

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It’s one thing to start blogging. It’s another thing to be so damn prolific at it. This is my second word press blog and one I hope will concern itself with all the “other stuff” that is not web related.

Yes, I’m that RUMBLEPUP. The one an only. And if there are any pretenders to the crown, I will tell you right now, they don’t carry on with my name very well. Oh there are a bunch of gay rumblepup’s out there, seems like my nom de plum is a favorite amongst the rainbow set. But this is just another misinterpretation of what it means to be rumblepup.

“So,” you might be asking yourself, “why do you go around the internet just opening up blogs?”

Then again, you might not. I have delusions of grandeur anyway.

Here’s the straight dope answer (You see how fly wicked I am?)

I’ve been blogging for a while on blogger, the cool Google Blog Thinger, but when I started, I never really could get behind it. Now there are six blogs, started by me, that sit there, staring me in the face, an making fun of me. You haven’t lived until your own blog sits there and calls you “a pathetic girl boy.” It’s quite disturbing, let me tell you.

In any case, when I finally got the opportunity I’ve always wanted, to own and go for blogging about search, the internet, seo, sem, why I hate Google, and so on a so forth, I went for it.

Noticed my small problem? I forgot about all the other blogs. Will I just abandon them and leave them to rot all alone and scared, or will I delete those accounts and have the dreaded internets spammerz have their way with the urls.

Nope, I’m gonna transfer all of that neato content over here, link to the new home of the neato content, getting some link love, and, of course, have a place to store all my “other stuff.” I’m keeping the domains as well, because there are spammers out there that love to grab up old blogger domains and use them for bad stuff, which of course I just won’t allow.

So here you go folks, the new home of rumblepup’s other stuff. I’ll be moving all that “stuff” over slowly.


Written by rumblepup

July 8, 2007 at 3:51 am

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