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So this blog has been staring me in the face for well over a year, laughing at me, chiding me to do something.  My main blog at has been more of my professional, uhm, thing.  I guess you’d say this would be my unprofessional thing.   Someplace I hope to stretch out those wierdo little thoughts I get on some of the most outrages things which cross my path.

For instance, politics.  I didn’t once mention politics on my regular “professional” blog.  Why?  Well, to be honest, I never felt that it was much of a platform for it.  I mean, though I have professed on my “professional” blog that I don’t want to be an seo blogger, I kinda-sorta am.  In my mind, I’m a general internet and business blogger who often make fun on online scams, but I never felt my website brand was really for all the other stuff.    And in all honesty, I, as I’m sure a plethora of you where, was glued to the internet almost obsessively during the last few months of the presidential campaign.  Thank God that’s done with, but there where so many idiots I would have loved to point out that now I feel I could have actually been part of this political debate in a public forum.  I mean PUMA’s, really?  What a fake and utterly stupid concept.  I’m sure I’m not the only one who thought that it was merely a right wing Republican ruse. It didn’t work anyway.  (wow, check out my prose)

So there is also religion.   Being raised a Catholic was definitely an experience.   As most lapsed Catholics will tell you, going to Parochial School can be freakin’ weird for a kid.  But I never really changed my religious beliefs, just my beliefs about the organization and dogma of the Catholic Church.  I studied and was fascinated by religions in college and continued it after.  Now religious debates are not my thing per say, but I definitely have some pretty strong feelings on the subject, and have strong intentions to keep up the religous study in my life.

There’s literature, of which I’m a complete fan.  I read a lot, and have at my disposal a personal library that I’ve been building up since I was 12 years old.  I’ve always dreamed of having a library or study in my house, and I’m building that up as I go.  My favorite author?  Steven King!

Then there is movies, and music (I was a bass player in a band that got signed by Maverick on a Tuesday, then dropped on Friday) and my latest favorite, since I got an XBOX last Christmas, are video games and gaming.   I don’t care what anybody says, Dead Rising was wicked!

So there you have it, an utterly useless blog post on what I will be blogposting about.   Hey, at least this blog has gotten going.


Written by rumblepup

December 5, 2008 at 2:05 am

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